It was so in depth and informative. I felt like it really built onto my existing knowledge of skin and ageing

I love this course because it’s interesting and fun to learn.

The course was well laid out, super engaging, informative and FUN!

I love how in depth the course is to the point how fruit and antioxidants affect every cell of the body as well as the brown food . It was fun I enjoyed the research

Loved the layout of the course materials, felt seamless working through the content.

Star is a pro, excellent at explaining things which could be otherwise complicated but her delivery and down to earth approach make learning this enjoyable.

Michelle Tyson | Seed Skincare

This course helps me understand what the skin really needs, what is a beautiful skin, what is harmful to the skin that causes aging skin. Everything I need is evident in Star’s courses.

The knowledge that is within the course, and that it is not just a generic nutrition qualification, but one specific to ‘beauty foods’ which fit is so well with my love and passion for good skincare

Kat Bamford - Academy of Beauty Nutrition graduate

I loved this course because it truly made me excited to begin incorporating skin nutrition into my esthetics business.

Star’s passion is so contagious. She speaks from the heart and it really helps with absorbing the information. Star goes above and beyond to make sure you come out of the end of the course with your brain crammed with so much information. I really feel the aftercare is the best which shows she is committed to her students. It is also an accredited course, so you know you are learning the best information to pass on to clients.

Wow! This has blown my mind. I thought I was eating well… 

It was fun designing the beauty menu

Another great module.

I am learning so much in this course! Thank you for creating it and sharing all this amazing information

Fascinating lesson, thanks so much for all the info. Was definitely an eye opener, and realised how much I need to improve my diet

Enjoying the Orac Values, I like the way it measures the antioxidant activity of the food

This has been so eye opening on how I need to change my diet for my skin health

This is fascinating and so thought-provoking and I love learning

Wow! What an interesting module! Now I’m doubting everything I tell my clients when it comes to good organic butter, nuts and fats! YIKES! Can’t wait to learn more

Wow! Great. Am loving this course. Putting things into perspective. I am already seeing the benefits in my business and beauty coaching practice

I’m so happy to get this course I’m in shocked with all this amazing information I was low in knowledge about AGEs in food.