Do you have a friend or family member who’s super-passionate about all things ‘natural health’?

  • They rave about quinoa and kale
  • Their skincare has to be ‘paraben-free’
  • They believe that coconut oil is the cure for everything
  • And they’ve got you drinking matcha lattes, right?

They’re always striving to improve themselves and have ‘the best day ever’

And now you can give them the BEST GIFT EVER

They’ll adore learning about skin-health science, anti-ageing nutrition and beauty food recipe creation.

Loving the course, learning immensely about beauty food and enjoying the journey of how I can improve my diet.


I am learning so much in this course! Thank you for creating it and sharing all this amazing information. 


I’m only in Module 2 and I am so excited!  This is a great course Star! 


This is fascinating and so thought-provoking and I love learning!

xx Rachel

Hey! I have just finished module 2 – can I just say, I am loving the course so far! Super interesting!


Loving the course it’s so insightful. 


The Certificate in Beauty Nutrition is an 8-week course accessed online 24/7 from anywhere in the world (our students and graduates are international).

It’s more than just an educational gift, this training course is a career-making opportunity: graduates earn the practitioner title of Beauty Food Advisor and can monetise their skills by charging clients for beauty nutrition advice.

We even give our graduates all the client materials and handouts they need.

It’s not just the gift of a course. It’s the gift of a lifetime: a passion-based lifelong career.

Best. Gift. Ever.

…And they won’t make you eat kale ever again because the beauty foods we teach are much tastier than those chewy bitter leaves. That’s a promise.

Extra sparkle points: All gift vouchers are PERSONALISED with the recipients name on the voucher.


It’s super simple.

  1. Just fill in the form (click the button) and pay the $500 course fee
  2. We will email the printable voucher directly to you within 48 hours.
  3. You can then print it out (full colour to make it look its best) and put it inside a card of your choosing.
  4. Your excited recipient can then go to our course page and use the code on the voucher to enrol onto the course.

Easy. Peasy. Green juice squeezy.