Beauty nutrition is the newest ‘must-have’ toolkit in the search for youthful, glowing skin. Take advantage of this growing trend by becoming one of the first certified beauty nutrition advisors, facelift diet coaches or facelift chefs – in the world.

Help your clients to eat their way to vibrant glowing skin, youthful energy and whole body rejuvenation

Our Beauty Food Philosophy

The information in our courses and training is based on over 10 years of scientific research and evidence that proves a strong link between certain foods, nutrients and skin-health. 

  • The beauty diet is based on whole plant foods

    Most of the beauty nutrients and all of the antioxidants are found exclusively  – or in abundance – in whole plant foods. Plant foods are also the least destructive to the body in terms of oxidative damage, glycation and inflammation (the key causes of ageing)

  • Fruit is the number one anti-ageing food

    Fruit has been much maligned by an uneducated blogosphere. Fruit is actually a very healthy, anti-ageing beauty food with an abundance of skin beautifying phytochemicals, nutraceuticals and natural compounds that fight ageing at the cellular level. 

  • Eating the rainbow is the best way to rejuvenate

    The anti-ageing beauty nutrients are found in abundance in natural colourful foods: bright fruits, colourful vegetables, green herbs and leaves, superfoods and spices.

  • Raw is preferable to cooked

    The more raw & colourful plant foods you add to your diet (and your client’s diets) the faster the rejuvenation process and more beautiful and ageless the skin (and body) becomes. 

  • Ditch the diet mentality

    We focus on eating nature’s delicious beauty foods in abundance. This is not about restrictive diets, deprivation or calorie counting. We believe that beauty nutrition is a banquet; a feast not a famine.

  • Food is to be enjoyed!

    Beauty foods are delicious: superfood chocolate, avocados, juicy fruits, sassy smoothies, sweet potato fries, sweet nut milk, berry parfait, coconut drinks… (we are talking about serious mouthgasms here)

    Beauty foods look amazing: we eat with our eyes first so we believe that beauty foods and anti-ageing dishes should look amazing. 

    Beauty foods are vibrant: you will feel them in your body, flushing out junk, filling your cells with energy, breathing life into your cells and giving you a glow that turns heads. 

Star Khechara - Academy of Beauty Nutrition

Academy of Beauty Nutrition founder

Star Khechara

With a 20 year career in both nutrition and skincare it was only natural that I eventually put these skills together. Even when I was a professional skincare formulator I knew that food had the biggest impact in skin-beauty and ageing. Nutrition is the best cosmetic on the planet and plant foods (especially fruit) are nature’s anti-ageing magic potions.

I’m thrilled to offer my experience, knowledge and decades of research to practitioners within the health, nutrition and beauty sectors –  train with me and make your clients deliciously beautiful, inside and out.

My Career Highlights

  • 2017. Launched the Academy of Beauty Nutrition
  • 2016. Created The Facelift Diet®
  • June 2014. Became a business strategist for online business owners
  • February 2014. Sold Formula Botanica
  • 2011. Launched Formula Botanica (organic cosmetic science school)
  • 2008. The Holistic Beauty Book was published by Green Books

What our graduates & students say…

An eye opening course full of information that has enabled me to really understand how nutrition is the key factor in the fight against the internal ageing clock! 

Kat BamfordMake-Up Artist & Beauty TherapistKat Bamford

 The Academy of Beauty Nutrition is chock full of info, with Star’s lovely spin on things. Lessons are to the point, fun and engaging. I never knew nutrition could be so fun!

Rosa CrumptonConfidence CoachSoror Style

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