The convergence of food and cosmetics in the beauty industry is a major trend in the recent years, gaining an enormous importance on consumer habits including the diet, the nutritional supplement intake and food-based cosmetics.

Trends in Food Science & Technology Volume 95, January 2020, Pages 21-32 “Feeding the skin: A new trend in food and cosmetics convergence


The World’s First Accredited Academy for Teaching Anti-Ageing Skin Nutrition to Health, Nutrition and Beauty Professionals

Your potential clients are everywhere, turning to scientifically-proven dietary methods of staying youthful and creating gorgeous skin.

Take advantage of this growing trend by becoming one of the first certified Beauty Nutrition Advisors, Nutri-Dermatology Specialists or a licensed Facelift Diet Coach™ – in your city.

At Academy of Beauty Nutrition we train your to help your clients to eat their way to vibrant glowing skin, youthful energy and whole body rejuvenation. So you can build a thriving wellness business around your passion for skin, ageing, beauty and nutrition


Health, vibrancy, beauty and youthfulness begins at the cellular level, it is an inside job. Skin-ageing is a symptom of garbage-accumulation within the cells caused by unhealthy dietary choices which trigger 11 different ageing pathways within the body

At ABN you’ll learn how to rejuvenate your clients at the cellular level using nutritional interventions and functional beauty foods that prevent – and even reverse – the damage caused by the 11 skin-ageing pathways.



The Facelift Diet® is the official dietary protocol that you’ll be taught to implement with your clients; based on 15 years of solid peer-reviewed scientific research and functional food experimentation by Star Khechara.

Be fascinated by: senolytics, nutricosmetics, epigenetics, sirtuin activators, glycation prevention and telomere lengthening phytochemicals…

The Facelift Diet beauty food pyramid chart


The science shows that in every single aspect of health, beauty and ageing, plant foods are the solution and meat, dairy and eggs are the problem.

We don’t just promote Plant-Based eating because it’s trendy or because our founder Star is a long term vegan. We teach plant-based nutrition because that’s what 20 years of research has shown to be the ultimate anti-ageing, skin-beautifying way to eat. 


No blemishes anymore and fewer fine lines! My clients also experience the same amazing results in a short amount of time! I was into nutrition and skin health a lot before I enrolled. 

LOVE IT. I was already a qualified nutritionist before taking this course, but this precise information has given me the confidence to work in the beauty nutrition field, and not also speak at my first wellness workshop! I could not be more thrilled to have found this course.

Michelle Mae (testimonial)

An eye-opening course full of information that has enabled me to really understand how nutrition is the key factor in the fight against the internal ageing clock.

I have just completed part one of module 5 and I think it is time to pass a compliment to you. I really love your modules. Being a nutrition scientist, I really appreciate that everything you teach has a sound scientific base and that you perfectly transfer your knowledge in an easily understandable way.

I love that I am able to offer my clients my added knowledge and transformative properties of beauty foods so they too can experience for themselves having younger, healthy and glowing skin.



When I’m not creating the world’s best smoothies or brain-deep in PubMed devouring all of the latest research in anti-ageing nutrition, I’m building new modules, classes and courses for this academy.

My passion has always been optimal nutrition, skincare and holistic beauty, leading me into aromatherapy, skincare formulation, herbology, research, nutrition, food creation and teaching.

The science of beauty nutrition brings all my passions and expertise together, and it’s one of the biggest emerging trends in the nutrition field. Yet almost nobody is talking about it.

I’ve taken my 20 years of research, experience and expertise and packaged it up into these accredited course so that you can be part of the rejuvenation revolution too.



    When I was 18 I trained as an aromatherapist but I hating touching naked strangers, thankfully that led me into skincare formulation with the essential oils and a whole other career path happened. I still don’t want to touch naked strangers.


    I’m a roller skater. I skate most days with a combination of street, park and figure skating. I LOVE skating.


    I have ADHD which mostly has been a huge benefit to my entrepreneurial journey.


    Yes, I am a rock chick with gothic leanings. I listen to loud rock music, wear all black and it’s not unusual to find me with cat ears on. And yes those piercings between my eyes do go all the way through.