After 20 years as a skincare formulator, teacher and speaker (with a passion for nutrition) I knew it was time to switch from skincare product formulation to skin nutrition and empower other health, beauty and skincare experts with the nutritional tools to unlock healthy, glowing, ageless skin for themselves and their clients.

The beauty industry is awash with buzzwords like: nutrigenomics, nutricosmetics, nutraceuticals…but what does it all mean? I’ve deciphered all of the science for you so you can help your clients in a very real way…with food. 

My own signature science of nutritional skin strategies has now been trademarked as Nutridermatology®


  • 2021


    Nutridermatology® is developed & trademarked

    Star’s official nutritional dermatology strategy is trademarked as Nutridermatology® and developed into a 9 month course: Diploma in Nutridermatology®

  • 2018

    Diplomas launched

    The Certificate in Beauty Nutrition was so successful that we wanted to release some advanced programs: Advanced Diploma in Anti-Ageing Nutrition and The Facelift Diet® Licensed Practitioner Diploma



  • 2017


    Academy of Beauty Nutrition is launched

    The school is launched with just one course: Certificate in Beauty Nutrition

  • 2014

    Formula Botanica sold to Lorraine

    Star sold her skincare school to focus on skin-nutrition research



  • 2008


    The Holistic Beauty Book was published

    Star landed a book deal with Green Books and her first book ‘The Holistic Beauty Book” was published in 2008. The book is still a top seller on Amazon 13 years later.


No blemishes anymore and fewer fine lines! My clients also experience the same amazing results in a short amount of time! I was into nutrition and skin health a lot before I enrolled. 

LOVE IT. I was already a qualified nutritionist before taking this course, but this precise information has given me the confidence to work in the beauty nutrition field, and not also speak at my first wellness workshop! I could not be more thrilled to have found this course.

Michelle Mae (testimonial)

An eye-opening course full of information that has enabled me to really understand how nutrition is the key factor in the fight against the internal ageing clock.

Kat Bamford - Academy of Beauty Nutrition graduate

I have just completed part one of module 5 and I think it is time to pass a compliment to you. I really love your modules. Being a nutrition scientist, I really appreciate that everything you teach has a sound scientific base and that you perfectly transfer your knowledge in an easily understandable way.

I love that I am able to offer my clients my added knowledge and transformative properties of beauty foods so they too can experience for themselves having younger, healthy and glowing skin.

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