Skin nutrition & and beauty foods science to grow your wellness business.

Science now proves the links between nutrition and skin-health, skin-disease and age-related deterioration but with so much misinformation on the internet it’s hard to know what is fact or fiction.

Here at Academy of Beauty Nutrition we read, review and distill the complex sciences of phytochemicals, microbiomics, nutricosmetics, skin-ageing, nutrigenomics, dermatology and nutraceuticals so you don’t have to.

Our online accredited certificates and diplomas train you to master the science of skin-nutrition so you can help your clients beautify from within. We can also create bespoke online programs and in-person training for your staff or team. 

Facial rejuvenation nutrition


The world’s first (and only) comprehensive advanced program on how to prevent and repair ageing skin at the cellular, epigenetic and surface level. 8 evidence-based, science-backed online modules covering over 40 different facial rejuvenation topics so you can help your clients reverse ageing and prevent further ageing. 

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Diet in general, what we eat and drink, along with it being an important way to improve how we look and feel, is going to become an even bigger dialogue among consumers than it already is. It’s all about obtaining beauty from within.

Eric J. Pierce, vice president of business insights for New Hope Network’s NEXT data and insights team

Chronic Inflammation appears to be strongly linked to many preventable and treatable skin diseases and conditions such as visible skin aging

Thornfeldt CR J Cosmet Dermatol. 2008 Mar;7(1):78-82. Chronic inflammation is etiology of extrinsic aging. 

Consumers are becoming more educated about the overall health benefits of balanced nutrition and are more interested in protecting themselves from accelerated ageing through more natural and non-invasive protocols